Thursday, May 19, 2011

I recently got together with a model friend of mine, Amanda, who has modeled for me in years past but has gone on to fame and glory. I was just checking in to see if she would like to model for a painting with a formal and perhaps a period type outfit. She is not only involved in theatre but is an accomplished costume designer and seamstress. She mentioned that she was currently into Steampunk and had recently completed a new outfit. I could not have been more delighted!

Below are some in progress photos. I am thinking of adding some ghosted gear imagery in the background and perhaps a bird escaping from the cage to reappear on the right side of the painting. I'll play in photoshop first then decide how to continue.


  1. that is one great outfit. Looks great!

  2. I love to see the process. Thanks for sharing. Great composition.

  3. I like it ,and I think it will be amazing if you add escaping bird or some thing in the background