Friday, December 3, 2010

Be Creative - With Yourself!

Having trouble coming up with new ideas? Have you found that all your fantasy/mythological creatures look the same? Then try using better reference - like you!

The challenge: Create a self portrait but combine animal references to make a brand new you.

I started with a photo I had taken of a European Goshawk (my favorite hawk).
Then I had a friend take a photo of me in the same lighting as the hawk (or as close as we could manage).
So then I looked through my files (in particular recent trips to the zoo) for other animals that had a similar lighting scheme and pose. I found this camel.
And this alligator was in the right ball park
So next - find the most creative way to mix them all together. My effort is found below.
My sons came up with a great name for this creature - CHAD! It stands for Camel, Hawk, Alligator and Dad :)


  1. In my mind, this character would have the voice of Billy Crystal in the Princess Bride. Great Work Jay!

  2. I love it!

    And I agree with Rob! Totally Princess Bride!